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Assessment is at the heart of effective teaching and learning. We are now, thankfully, at a point nationally where it has been recognised that moving pupils through a curriculum regardless of the depth of their understanding is not helpful to their progress. Checking what pupils know, understand and can do needs to be a continuous process through listening, watching, questioning, written work and regular testing.


Targeted and well-managed marking, feedback and response are also key to moving learning on. Accurate marking and feedback is important to identifying gaps and ensuring that pupils are working at the right standards to meet national test and external exam criteria. 


GKlearning provides training and in-class support for developing assessment and the use of assessment to inform learning. We have considerable experience in what works and the range of strategies to help teachers and schools get their assessment right and to make it effective and efficient. 



We provide bespoke courses on:


n Using assessment to improve standards and achievement


n Effective assessment techniques


n Developing a growth mindset


n Marking, response and feedback that is effective and efficient and improves standards


n Asking the right questions


n Making the best of peer and self-assessment


n The right tools for assessing progress and how to use them well to accelerate learning


n Preparing pupils for tests and public examinations


In addition, our consultants will work in schools with senior and middle leaders and teachers on developing assessment techniques, the use of assessment and effective marking, feedback and response.  

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