1. Thank you to Gulshan for providing us with a significant amount of information and presenting it in a very human and accessible way. Having the opportunity to reflect on current practice with high quality information to support our dialogue was a key to the success of the day for me. I always find Gulshan very easy to listen to and very realistic about school life. She provides an excellent balance between her own input, peer discussion and well-structured tasks. The whole day was thought-provoking, outstandingly well paced, meaningful, reassuring, informative and stimulating.


Bexley Headteacher


2. The best aspects of the conference were:

  • Dialogue with others
  • Opportunities to evaluate and measure our own school development and progress
  • Gulshan.

Bexley Headteacher


3. Gulshan's knowledge and wisdom of the new framework were impressive in reviewing the teaching & learning of colleagues in the college. The high quality feedback she provided to staff was appreciated, and her analysis and recommendations have helped us in moving forward. I would wholeheartedly recommend her


Secondary Headteacher - Midlands


4. Comments from delegates in response to Gulshan's talk at a SEND conference organised by The Key:

  • Gulshan made Government expectations seem achievable and beneficial :)
  • Lots of top tips - thank you
  • Clear and informative
  • Really useful information. Felt more confident as a result
  • Personable, friendly and motivating
  • Heartfelt, clear and reassuring
  • Brilliant and natural delivery
  • Very informative and relevant information.


5. Gulshan worked very closely with my Leadership Team, accelerating their maturity and increasing their capacity. Her skilled coaching, whilst having a close finger on the pulse of the new initiatives in Education and other trends in the Education world, has a played a significant role in helping the leadership of my school

retain its outstanding status. Headteacher of a Primary School


Headteacher of a Primary School in London



6. I have worked with Gulshan Kayembe on various courses and have attended a number that she has delivered as well.  Gulshan has a sound all round knowledge of the law around recruitment, equality and diversity and principles of teaching and training practice.  However, in my view, what sets Gulshan apart as a diversity trainer is her pragmatic, unpretentious and inclusive manner in which she welcomes debate and discussion with humour. She makes some very serious topics interesting and draws in the most sceptical of delegates. She’s also one of the few trainers that I have witnessed get a round of applause at the end of a diversity course!


Senior Learning and Development Consultant, East Anglia


7. Gulshan, I just wanted to thank you for your report on my school. I have read many a report but yours captures our school and its community so skilfully.  You have qualified your judgements with very specific examples which I have personally found very rewarding.  For example, the distributed leadership of which I am so proud and have worked so hard to embed; for someone of your experience to comment on this in terms of high expectations is really appreciated.  Your comment in one of the opening paragraphs, on the family atmosphere in such a large school similarly gave me such a rosy glow as this is something that has been a driving force of my vision. 


I have shared this report with our SLT and Chair and all, without exception, have individually told me they feel that you really know the school and it has given them a 'huge pat on the back' that will carry them forward in their careers.


Once again, thank you for being so perceptive (not to mention challenging and rigorous!).


London Primary Headteacher

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